Test and verification according to ISO26262 of Simulink models
TPT informationTesting Embedded Simulink TargetLink ASCET models

TPT - model based control system testing and verification

  • Test of various systems: model based testing of embedded systems
    • Test of MATLAB/Simulink models and TargetLink models test and verification of MATLAB Simulink models and TargetLink models.
    • Test of ASCET models test and verification of ASCET models.
    • Test of AUTOSAR software test and verification of AUTOSAR Software.
    • Test of C-Code test and verification of C-Code, C-Programs
  • Qualified according to ISO 26262 Test and verification of safety systems according to ISO26262. ISO 26262 Tool qualification.
  • Model based testing Model based controller testing and verification.
  • Automatic test execution Test execution MATLAB/Simulink models, TargetLink model test, ASCET test
  • Automatic test assessments Test evaluation, test assessment, signal analysis.
  • Automatic test documentation Automatische Testdokumentation
  • Traceability of requirements and tests Traceability of Requirements and Tests using TPT
  • FAQ TPT Support and FAQ

PikeTec offers Control System Software Piketec: embedded controller testing, test, verification

  • Projects with TPT Engineering using the model based testing tool TPT.
  • Software test engineering Test und Verification engineering with/without TPT
  • Model based development using MATLAB/Simulink, TargetLink, ASCET Model based development with MATLAB Simulink, TargetLink, ASCET.
  • Software development tools Development of software development tools.
  • Process consulting cons.

PikeTec's QM ist certified according to ISO 9001:2008 ISO 9001:2008: TPT high quality testing/test tool