Cloud Testing with TPT – Introducing a Case Study with AGSOTEC

Introduction The automotive industry is undergoing a rapid transformation, driven by advancements in vehicle software. As this software continues to evolve, extensive testing becomes crucial to ensure the safety and quality of vehicles. However, executing tests can be computationally intensive and time-consuming. In response to this challenge, we collaborated with AGSOTEC to implement cloud-based testing […]

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Automatic Test Case Generation – When Does It Make Sense?

Many automotive clients express a desire for fully automatic test case generation. But why? Their wishes typically encompass: Scalability: With automatic test case generation, the quality assurance process can scale up rapidly. 100% Coverage: Achieving comprehensive test coverage without exhaustive effort.  Reduced Manpower: The need for fewer testers.  Maintenance Elimination: The dream of reducing testing-related […]

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Introducing the FEY-Approach


Discover how the Full-Expectation-Yet (FEY) Approach revolutionizes software testing by focusing on outputs and behavior validation. By ensuring the presence of expected values, this approach enhances test coverage, reliability, and overall software quality. Dive into the key insights, challenges, and benefits of implementing the FEY Approach to unlock the true potential of your testing efforts.  […]

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The Lights Controller – our Standard Example for Test Automation with TPT


At PikeTec, we have a go-to example to showcase our test automation tool TPT: the Lights Controller. These information are waiting for you now: Why such an easy example? Main functionality of our Lights Controller Example Interfaces of our Lights Controller Example Behavior of our Lights Controller Example Special Case – Change to Auto-Mode Special […]

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Leveraging Equivalence Classes for Testing with TPT

Equivalence classes with TPT

Introduction In software testing, equivalence classes play a crucial role in efficiently validating the behavior of a system. These classes represent subsets of the possible value ranges of variables, such as inputs or outputs, where the system is expected to show similar behavior. By selecting representative values from these equivalence classes, we can systematically reduce […]

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Simplifying Software Testing with Testlets: Enhancing Efficiency and Quality

Testlets in TPT_blog

Introduction Testing is a crucial process in software development. To ensure the quality and functionality of a software product, it is important to have well-structured and efficient testing procedures. In this context, Testlets in TPT have proven to be a useful approach to streamline the testing process.  What are Testlets?  A Testlet is a container […]

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Collaboration partners Model Engineering Solutions GmbH (MES) and PikeTec GmbH

mes piketec collaboration

[Press Release] Now for the first time as a complete solution: Seamlessly interoperating quality solution for model-based automotive software engineering projects. Collaboration partners Model Engineering Solutions GmbH (MES) and PikeTec GmbH now offer automotive clients around the world a comprehensive quality assurance (QA) solution. With this solution, you can perform, track and report static and […]

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Skipping the Hardware with Virtual PiL Testing

Virtual PiL Testing with TPT

With Virtual PiL you can execute existing test cases for your models or your C/C++ code, also for any target architectures and, if desired, automatically compare them directly with previous test runs (MiL and SiL) in a back-to-back procedure.

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