TPT Autotester vs TPT Dashboard

Autotester vs Dashbaord. TPT Testing Tool.

Here’s the deal: You can automate your driving test in numerous ways. Using TPT will save you time and money- and can be a lot of fun! But which TPT feature best corresponds to your testing requirements?

“There is a TPT feature for every customer problem. But sometimes customers overlook TPT’s full potential, trying to tailor one single feature to all the testing they are doing. Getting a hammer, makes every problem look like a nail, but sometimes you just need a screwdriver.”

Software Engineer & Consultant
Robert Reicherdt at PikeTec on Automation of Driving Tests

At times, a test case demands close scrutiny and a high level of expertise on the side of the test operator. At other times, large-scale testing merely needs to be executed and handling needs to be easy. Whatever your testing needs, there is a TPT feature for you.

First, there is the TPT Autotester which is characterized by its functionality to carry out multiple test cases at the same time. You literally just start TPT and hit the (test) road. In a sense, testing is done ‘passively’.

The TPT Dashboard, on the other hand, can ‘actively’ execute test cases, which means that stimuli can be sent to the ECU while driving. Running one test case at a time, the TPT Dashboard permits a more scrutinized and in-depth testing. Its most prominent functionality, however, is its visualization of the system feedback, which can also be customized by inserting additional control items, for example.

The below comparison outlines the particular strengths of the Autotester and the Dashboard, respectively. You can read more about those TPT features here.

TestingTPT AutotesterTPT Dashboard
ParallelPikeTec Logo
Large-scalePikeTec Logo
Low expertise sufficientPikeTec Logo
Text communicationPikeTec LogoPikeTec Logo
Acoustic communicationPikeTec Logo (built-in)PikeTec Logo
In-depthPikeTec Logo
Multi-purpose featurePikeTec Logo
Extensive visualizationPikeTec Logo
Complexity levellowmedium

Meanwhile, the TPT Dashboard is a multifaceted feature that can also be used outside the realms of automated test drives. Discover the Dashboard’s full potential here.

Feel free to browse through our Glossary of Test Terms in case you are looking for terminological explanations.