TPT17 Preview: SiL-HiL Testing with TPT via RT-LAB node.

HiL and SiL Testing with TPT via RT-LAB

Software-in-Loop and Hardware-in-Loop Testing via RT-LAB.

Software-in-Loop (SiL) and Hardware-in-Loop (HiL) testing with RT-LAB have become much easier thanks to the TPT integration with RT-LAB.

With the new RT-LAB node, which comes with TPT17, the testing tool TPT can now connect to RT-LAB, import the interface of the RT-LAB model, and run tests on the model.

RT-LAB supports running both SiL and HiL tests, making the integration into TPT ever more versatile. Amongst other things, back-2-back testing SiL-HiL can be done in a straightforward way directly via TPT.

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