PEGASUS Project: Taking automated driving tests to the next level with TPT

Pegasus testing method ADAS with TPT

The much-discussed research project PEGASUS from Germany laid out methods for the testing and development of automated driving systems. Only a few years after its inception it has become clear that the PEGASUS method is here to stay. Testing autonomous driving systems with the PEGASUS method can be readily employed with TPT which is fully equipped to join you on the (automated) test ride.

Research revolving around autonomous driving essentially deals with the question whether a machine can drive better and more safely than a human. In order to find an answer, extensive testing has to be done and a myriad of aspects need to be taken into account. But how do you test? Driving millions of kilometers (or miles) did not yield satisfactory results and entailed considerable time and cost. Instead, the PEGASUS method is based on a scenario-based approach in order to define the “new general state of the art for test methods and test case selection” (PEGASUS METHOD, p. 4)

What’s more, the PEGASUS method suggests six layers that describe the scenarios on the road systematically:  

1. Road-level (geometry, …)
2. Traffic infrastructure (traffic signs, …)
3. Temporary manipulation of layer 1. and 2. (road construction, …)
4. Objects (moving relative to vehicle under test: pedestrians, …)
5. Environment (weather, …)
6. Digital information (e.g. V2X information)

Focusing on layers makes scenario-based testing viable in a structured and straightforward fashion. This way you can identify what circumstances you need to create in order to test automated driving systems.

Always aiming at the minimal risk condition, the testing scenarios are inspired by statistics on pre-crash and crash scenarios.

The scenario-based approach puts the execution and evaluation of test scenarios in the center- be that in simulation, on the proving ground or in real traffic. TPT was developed exactly for testing scenarios. Moreover, whatever development stage you test ADAS with TPT, you will find that TPT has exactly the feature you need for your testing endeavors. The TPT Autotester and the Dashboard, for example, are the designated TPT features for driving tests on the proving ground and in real traffic.

A more extensive introduction to the PEGASUS project can be found here. Visit the official website of the PEGASUS project here.

Feel free to browse through our Glossary of Test Terms in case you are looking for terminological explanations.