Connect Platforms at a Click in TPT 

connect platforms at a click with TPT 18
connect platforms at a click with TPT 18

We often hear that connecting a system under test is one of the biggest challenges for test organizations. In order to pave the way further, we have added the twelve most frequently requested platforms to our Platform Configurator in TPT 18.

The platforms are easily accessible as dialogs to simplify your initial setup, as shown in the image below. The dialogs are designed in such a way that you can start immediately with few settings and yet you can make far-reaching and project-specific configurations. These Feature will be available with TPT 18. For all platforms not yet included, you can program your own connections via our FUSION node, as before. Our documentation and support will help you, if needed.

The following platforms are connectable via the Platform Configuration in TPT 18:

TPT Platform Configuration

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