Meet TPT 16 – The New Version of our Testing Tool

TPT 16 Release

The new version of the TPT testing tool is now available. TPT 16 comes with many new features specifically tailored to your testing needs. Download the latest version here.

Run. Test. Drive.

Simply run TPT, test your ECU and drive the future.
What’s more, we created a release video introducing TPT 16.

Watch the release video here:

Highlights and more.

We were asked to provide a top 3 list of the new features of TPT 16. But we couldn’t really hold ourselves back, so here is the TOP 11 and a whole lot more:

1. Generate test specifications automatically from step list:
generate test specifications from implemented test cases, simply at the click of a mouse

2. Generate test implementation from test specifications:
generate test implementations from test specifications in simple text and paste them into TPT via the shortcut Ctrl+V

3. Build your own Arduino HiL:
build Mini-HiL from an Arduino. Measure and control with analogue and digital I/O and real hardware

4. Extended MATLAB Simulink support:
extended Simulink support including structured signals, message signals and function stubbing

5. C++ and automatic test harness generation:
testing C++ code is made easier including classes and automatic test harness generation

6. Namespaces used for AUTOSAR, C++ and HiL:
use Namespaces for logical grouping of signals and better readability of TPT projects

7. More AUTOSAR support:
specify static and constant memory and central repository of ARXML

8. Modify and send CAN messages:
modify and send CAN messages directly for BUS protocol testing

9. Support of ALM via codeBeamer and Polarion:
ALM, Requirements and Test management support by interfacing to codeBeamer and Polarion

10. Simplified concurrent editing:
for joint working on TPT projects we simplified the file format and made a specialised viewer to solve merge conflicts

11. Show dependencies of artefacts in TPT projects:
with the new “usage view” it is very simple to show where artefacts such as Assessments, Test Sets, Testlets and so on are being used


  • Better autocompletion
  • Better overview in test sets with a matrix view
  • Modify and send CAN messages
  • Simplified Type Editor
  • Filtering in TPT projects
  • Better editing and search in TPT projects
  • Transformation of step lists to automatons
  • Better interface import with name guessing
  • More API functionalities
  • Measurement signals on FUSION
  • Resetting nodes on FUSION
  • Better code coverage handling on FUSION
  • Better signal mapping for HiL and XIL-API
  • More powerful VTD interface for ADAS testing
  • Build in batch test processing
  • New Jenkins plugin
  • More assessment functions

Thanks to the many new functionalities TPT 16 has become an even more versatile testing tool. Try it now!

Feel free to browse through our Glossary of Test Terms in case you are looking for terminological explanations.