ADAS & Scenario-Based Testing with TPT

ADAS and scenario-based testing with TPT

Testing ADAS requires particular validation, specifically, because such systems are always safety-relevant. Scenario-based testing offers a systematic and efficient approach to the test automation process.

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ADAS NCAP AEB Tests made easy

NCAP test modeling with TPT

The EUROPEAN NEW CAR ASSESSMENT PROGRAMME (NCAP) publishes test procedures, for example to evaluate ADAS systems such as emergency braking systems in vehicles and thus make them comparable. The test scenarios describe typical (potentially) dangerous situations with other vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists. Examples for these tests are the approach to […]

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TPT 15 makes ADAS testing easy

ADAS Testing with TPT 15.

Advanced driver assistance systems are the future. Such highly safety-relevant systems require that the driving situation is always reliably detected under a wide variety of conditions. Data of the vehicle’s environment must be detected with cameras, ultrasonic or radar, for example, and evaluated and assessed together with road data and […]

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