MC/DC gets rocked with TPT 18

MC/DC Coverage with TPT 18

On first glance MC/DC sounds very much like an Australian rock band. In fact, it’s a complex software metric for test coverage of coding structure, recommended for ASIL D projects in ISO 26262.

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Testing ASCET-DEVELOPER Models with TPT

ASCET-DEVELOPER: Model Testing with TPT

Model-in-Loop testing with TPT can now also be done with ASCET-DEVELOPER – the latest platform for software modeling, code generation and simulation developed by ETAS, replacing all ASCET 6.x versions.

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ISO 26262 compliant testing with TPT

ISO26262 Testing with TPT testing tool

The ISO norm road vehicles – functional safety, also known as ISO26262, requires extensive testing in multiple ways. With TPT you have the testing tool that supports you all the way along the (test) road.

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