Model-in-Loop Testing with TPT: Simulink Testing

model-in-loop testing for Simulink with TPT

Whatever Model-in-Loop testing (MiL testing) you want to do, you will find that TPT is the best testing tool to do that job for you. The most widespread platform for MiL testing is Simulink which is used in the auto industry for model-based development to develop software for cars and other vehicles.

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Sneak Peek TPT 16: Testing with Simulink busses now supported

Hop on the Simulink BUS. TPT Supports Simulink models

On the road to efficient testing. Increased user friendliness and readability make using TPT16 more efficient and more enjoyable. A few weeks prior to its official release, we are introducing one of the new features that come with TPT16. Now, the TPT testing tool natively supports bus signals to be […]

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