TPT17 Preview: Full Support of ASCET DEVELOPER in TPT


With TPT 17 you can do Model-in-Loop testing (MiL) with ASCET-DEVELOPER. The software tool for software modeling, code generation and simulation developed by ETAS, replaces previous ASCET 6.x versions.

TPT fully supports ASCET-DEVELOPER

ASCET has been completely re-implemented. From the perspective of a TPT user the previous functionalities stay the same and new features of the development environment have been implemented, as well. Channels, parameters and so on can be imported into TPT as usual. What’s more, it has become more convenient to work on your testing project straight from TPT.

The new development environment is fully supported in TPT and offers a migration path from ASCET 6.x to ASCET-DEVELOPER (essentially ASCET 7). Moreover, back-to-back testing ASCET 6 and ASCET-DEVELOPER is also enabled.

New features in ASCET-DEVELOPER

ASCET-DEVELOPER was completely redesigned and comes with multiple new features. One prevalent feature is the generation of code for different targets via custom callbacks to device-specific arithmetic, interpolation, or service libraries. TPT fully automatically integrates all external sources specified in ASCET-DEVELOPER in its test frame (test harness). You do this simply by using the co-simulation platform FUSION (ASCET@FUSION) available in the testing tool TPT. Another feature is conditional code and data structures which can be resolved at compile or generation time. This enables the easy handling of software variants. Once you configured TPT accordingly, the testing tool TPT can do the handling of all software variants directly.

Lastly, ASCET-DEVELOPER works more intuitively and provides a more comfortable user interface with regards to the previous tool ASCET 6.x.

Advantages of testing ASCET models with TPT

Testing ASCET-DEVELOPER models with TPT comes with multiple perks. Amongst others, testing with ASCET-DEVELOPER is fully compliant with functional safety standard ISO 26262.

  • Compatible with ASCET-DEVELOPER and all 6.x-ASCET versions
  • Testing of preconfigured ASCET projects that contain a single or several modules
  • Automatic interface analysis of ASCET models
  • Automatic testframe (test harness) generation
  • Testing of unscaled physical models (MiL) and also of scaled implementation models (SiL)
  • Regression tests with unscaled and scaled simulations (MiL-SiL back-to-back testing)
  • Linking and tracing of requirements and test cases
  • Testing according to the safety standard ISO 26262

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