Tutorial: Simulink Model Testing with the TPT Toolbox

Simulink Model Testing with TPT using the TPT Toolbox

Seamless MiL and SiL testing with TPT

If you are using Simulink for MiL Testing with TPT you make your life simpler by using the TPT Toolbox. The TPT toolbox makes it easier to set up TPT projects for testing Simulink models. To illustrate this, we have created a short video tutorial.

Watch the TPT Toolbox Tutorial here

To test a Simulink subsystem, simply select the subsystem to be tested. With one click the TPT test project is initialized with all interface signals and parameters as well as test harness generation. You can start with test case definition and test execution.

Further functions

  • Open existing TPT test projects for the selected Simulink Subsystem
  • Link an existing TPT project with the selected Simulink Subsystem
  • Add TPT measurement signals by selecting model-internal signals
  • Remove measurement signals from a TPT project

This toolbox is developed by PikeTec and requires an existing TPT installation of TPT 17 or higher. TPT is a testing tool for reactive testing of Simulink and Simulink Real-Time in Model-in -the-Loop (MiL) and Software-in-the-Loop (SiL).

Requirements for testing with the TPT Toolbox

  • MATLAB 2017b or higher
  • TPT 17 or higher (ask for a free evaluation license under
  • TPT MATLAB Runtime Package
  • TPT RMI API enabled

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