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Simulink / TargetLink testing

You can test Simulink and TargetLink models with TPT and automatically generate test cases with TASMO.

ASCET model testing

You can test individual ASCET modules, module groups,  complete ASCET models, or test ASCET in co-simulation with other software modules.

C / C++ code testing

TPT supports the extensive testing of C-code and C++code.


Atomic software components and component compositions can be tested with TPT.

Co-simulation testing

With the FUSION test environment, you can test an arbitrary number of software modules that need different environments.

PiL testing

TPT can use the Universal Debug Engine by PLS and Trace32 by Lauterbach to test PiL systems.

HiL testing

TPT can be coupled with ETAS LABCAR, Concurrent iHawk, Simulink Realtime, NI Veristand, and dSPACE HIL systems.The ASAM XIL API is supported.

CAN testing

ETAS INCA, CANape, CAN, and XCP are supported when testing with TPT.

ViL testing

TPT can be used to run tests while driving.