TPT. One test tool – many HiLs

TPT is a very flexible test automation tool. It directly fits to many Hardware-in-the-Loop systems (HiLs) off the shelf.

You can create test cases, assessment rules, link them to requirements and track the status like with all other test environments (MiL, SiL, PiL, and vehicle). Only the setup of test execution is different: Choose and configure the HiL of your choice and TPT will automatically remote control the HiL. After some easy configuration steps TPT does the rest. Fully automated in the background.

Once configured HiL testing with TPT is really easy to use. And besides that: You can reuse your test and test assessment rules from other test levels for HiL systems.

TPT – Supported HiL Systems in a nutshell

Off the shelf HiL integrations with TPT exist for Speedgoat HiL, dSPACE HIL systems, Concurrent iHawk, Simulink Realtime, Vector CANoe, NI Veristand, RT-LAB and all ASAM XIL enabled HiL systems.

Proprietary customized HIL solutions are also a typical use case. Many customers have their own specific HiL infrastructure, which we have also integrated with TPT as customer-specific add-ons.


TPT runs on your HiL: How it works

Depending on the HIL architecture, the TPT tests are executed on the control-PC or on the real-time system of the HIL.

Real-time HiL testing.

Real-time capable and reactive execution of TPT-tests on HiL systems can be performed with cycle periods smaller than 100µs. In this case, TPT tests run directly on the real-time system.

Tests in real-time are supported on Speedgoat, Concurrent iHawk systems, NI Veristand, and Mathworks Simulink Realtime off the shelf.


PC-controlled HiL testing

In this setup, TPT test cases are modeled and executed directly on the Windows control PC. At test runtime, TPT communicates with the real-time simulator to permanently change and observe signals and parameters.

The test is controlled by the PC, recording of results is possible in real time. Parallel to the simulator, communication to application tools such as INCA or CANape, fault simulators or directly to CAN is possible and easy to setup. The TPT Dashboard enables manual interactive testing.

PC-controlled HiL tests are supported on dSPACE HiL systems, Vector CANoe, NI Veristand, RT-LAB and all ASAM XIL enabled HiL systems off the shelf.

Connecting Speedgoat and TPT

5:40 min

  • Setting up Speedgoat configuration in TPT
  • Setting up test cases and configuring Assesslets (Trigger Rule)
  • Execute tests and check results in the Signal Viewer and Overview Report

Customer specific HiL with TPT

Often HIL systems are solution-oriented and therefore unique. TPT can easily be connected also to such unique HILs. PikeTec can assist you with this task.

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