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Embedded testing?
You have come to the right place.

We have been specialists for testing embedded control software for more than 14 years. Testing has been our passion ever since. We believe that perfect software quality requires perfect testing. And that is what we are committed to.

We are the developers of the testing software TPT. TPT is the perfect test tool suite for all development phases of control software. You can use TPT for all kinds of test environments, whether MiLSiLPiLHiL and even for vehicle testing.

New for You! TPT 20

TPT: Test and verify embedded control software.

TPT is the user-friendly tool suite for functional testing of embedded control software. With TPT test cases can be modeled graphically or generated automatically, for example from Simulink models or from C-code. Even complex tests are easy to model and to maintain. TPT assists you with creating appropriate assessment rules to evaluate your test results. TPT generates test reports, links tests with requirements, interacts with tons of development tools, handles safety standards and much, much more.

TPT: There is something for everyone.

Spices for MiL, SiL, PiL, HiL and ViL

Our test tool TPT is a clever, fully integrated testing solution. We designed TPT to be the best testing solution that supports you from early test levels (MiL, SiL) to system integration (HiL, ViL). You don’t have to adapt your test processes, because TPT adapts to your needs. Just choose the ingredients of your taste.

Features of TPT

Modeling tests, link them to requirements, monitor them by assessment rules, generate test data automatically, and much more.​


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Learn how to get the most out of TPT. We offer trainings for beginners, advanced users, and also individual trainings.

Our customers

Our customers are mainly from the automotive industry: interior, body, driving dynamics, driver assistance systems, ADAS, conventional and electric power trains.

We have thousands of users all over the world. Big OEMs, tier-1 suppliers, engineering companies — they use TPT to streamline their test processes and to ensure that testing is also fun (again).

TPT Electronic Control Units Testing

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