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Testing Services.

PikeTec develops the testing tool TPT. But, we also offer lots of services for testing. We consult customers, train them in using TPT, take over tests in customer projects, and develop customer-specific test solutions that fit to the TPT landscape. The majority of our engineers are ISTQB-certified testers.

Testing, testing, testing.

Do you have testing needs and require support from qualified test engineers? We, at PikeTec, create, maintain and execute your tests, coordinate test requirements and results with your project team, or we undertake the whole test management for your projects.

Testing projects can last from just a few weeks to many years. It is your choice.

Module tests, integration tests, and system tests.

We model tests and execute them in the context of model based and classical software development.
According to your needs, we handle module tests, integration tests, and system tests for you. We can take over the tests completely or partially.

Test management.

We can undertake the complete test management for you. That is, we analyze your development process, set up a test strategy and put together an efficient test team. Above that, we monitor the test process regarding the quality, deadlines,
resources, and the conformity to safety standards as well as the budget.

Test consulting.

With many years of know-how in testing embedded systems and software in general and TPT in particular, we are ready to provide you with comprehensive consulting services for your testing projects.

Pilot projects.

Based on an example project that you provide containing all specialities and pitfalls of your development context, we will show you how to use TPT effectively.

Best practice workshops.

We analyze how you used TPT so far, and give you advice how to use TPT more effectively. If you like, we could create a usage guideline, tailored to your specific project.

Project analysis.

We analyze your development projects with regard to the compliance with required safety standards like ISO 26262 and elaborate appropriate process and method modifications if necessary. Afterwards, you can use TPT standard-compliantly in your embedded control system development. The required qualification for this kind of usage can be done easily.

Inspection and evaluation.

If you are already busy with a project and want to play safe that the chosen test processes and test methods are adequate for your project, we can analyze and evaluate your current project with respect to the used test processes and test methods.

Tool chain development.

We develop tools and modify them regarding the development process of your technical control system. We also support you with the integration of these tools.

Tool development and modification.

On your request, we develop modified development tools or tailor TPT to your needs and your development environment.

Integration of tools.

You would like to connect TPT with another tool or test environment? We will gladly support you.

Importer for legacy tests not built with TPT.

If you have already created test cases for your project and like to import these into TPT, we can built an appropriate importing tool for this task.

TPT qualification.

TPT can also be used for testing safety-critical systems. For such projects, you generally need to qualify the testing tool to show that it is reliable for the system to be tested.

TPT Training.

We offer several training programs for TPT. Follow the links below to learn more about TPT trainings.