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CI/CT & Cloud Testing

Accelerate your test process through automated testing. TPT supports continuous integration and continuous testing (CI/CT) enabling automated and therefore faster test execution and DevOps. Thanks to the virtual testing possibilities in the Cloud via Docker, your testing projects reach a much higher scalability and you save valuable testing time.

Generally, there are multiple ways to automate testing with TPT. Be it via BATCH and the command line, via Jenkins or in the Cloud via Docker.

Cloud Testing via Docker

Process even big testing projects within reasonable time in the Cloud. We developed a Docker image to integrate TPT into a Docker container. Within the scope of this integration the scalability of computing power is the biggest advantage of using TPT in the Docker container.

TPT Cloud Testing via Docker

Testing via Jenkins plugin for TPT

You can automate your testing process by using the TPT plugin for CI servers via Jenkins. Using multiple servers, as well as pipelining are supported features. 

To support Jenkins pipelines with TPT, we have developed three steps:

1. TPT execute

2. TPT report

3. TPT agent

The TPT steps essentially represent the two build steps and the report step from the Jenkins interface. 

Have a look at the Jenkins plugin displayed in an example TPT project:

TPT supports Jenkins pipelines.

Batch testing via Terminal

You can also automate test process with TPT using the terminal. In fact, you execute multiple steps this way:

1. Import interface
2. Generate test harness
3. Execute tests
4. Run assessments
5. View reports

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Test Environments

You can test with TPT in multiple test environments from MiL, SiL, PiL, HiL to automated driving tests.

ADAS Testing with TPT

ADAS/AD Testing

TPT is ideally suited for testing Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) at any test level.

TPT testing tool

TPT Testing Tool

With TPT, you can test ECU software and embedded control systems in all development phases from MiL, SiL,  PiL, HiL, ECU testing to vehicle testing.