Automotive Software Testing
in the Cloud

Vehicle software will continue to grow rapidly, and extensive testing is essential to ensure vehicle safety and quality.

However, test executions are very computationally intensive and therefore also time-consuming. We set up tests in the cloud together with AGSOTEC and described our experiences in this case study.


Anas Hamrouni, Engineer at AGSOTEC

Georg Hamann, Engineer at AGSOTEC


Robert Fey, Business Development at PikeTec

Lorenz Käser, Cloud Expert at PikeTec

Our goal is to set up an exemplary test automation environment for automotive software development in the cloud. The following points will be illuminated: How is this technically feasible? What challenges arise during the setup? How do we evaluate the operating costs of the cloud solution?

Current Status and Practical Examples

Technical Approach for Two Specific Use Cases

Comprehensive Presentation of Cost Considerations, Scaling Effects, and Cost Optimization

Experiences, Tips and Conclusion