TPT Customization

We know, a test tool is never isolated in the development process. It is just one piece in a complex development tool chain. For that reason, TPT already provides a huge set of interfaces and integrations with several development tools off-the-shelf.


To support your development and test processes as effective as possible, TPT also provides several APIs for integration and data exchange with tools that are not on our list. Using these APIs is a good starting point to create a streamlined tool chain.


In cases where these APIs do not effectively solve your problem, PikeTec also offers to develop customer specific plugins for TPT to brigde the gap between different tools. The good news is that TPT has been designed to support such plugins from the beginning. So, we can develop them fast and cost-effective. 

Examples for such customizations are:

  • Importers/exporters for test data
  • Importers/exporters for signal interfaces
  • Automation APIs
  • Remote controling other development tools
  • Support of customer specific test execution environments
  • and many more …

If you are interested in custom extensions, we are curious to know your specific requirements.