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Processor-in-the-loop testing with TPT

For PIL-testing, TPT is connected via an interface to the Universal Debug Engine (UDE) by PLS or to Trace32 by Lauterbach.

Alternatively PIL testing is possible using Simulink or TargetLink. In this case it is MATLAB that handles the communication between PC and the PIL board.

Processor-in-the-loop (PiL) testing with TPT

Supported data access

  • Access to symbolic and address-based variables
  • Access to local variables of functions
  • Access to individual bits and registers
  • Support of multidimensional arrays, structures, and lookup-tables

Supported control flow features

  • Synchronization with TPT at breakpoints for debugging purposes
  • Testing isolated functions and code
  • Direct access to the control flow
  • Invocation and use of macros