Many license options – It's your choice.

The basic license of TPT is contained in the license package “TPT Basic”. This license package includes TPT’s graphical user interface, the editor for test modelling and assessment, the Java API, and the Signal Viewer.

With “TPT Basic“, you can create test cases, compile and execute them on the C-Code platform, the EXE platform or on the FUSION platform, depending on your system under test (SUT). Have a look at the supported test environments.

Additionally the “TPT Basic” package allows you to run assessments for the test cases after the execution and to generate test reports.

If you need more or special functionalities, you can install additional license packages.

Additional license packages

Send us an e-mail to order additional license packages.

ASCET Runtime Package

Needed to generate testframes and execute tests for ASCET models.

AUTOSAR Runtime Package

Needed to test AUTOSAR code.

TPT Autotester

Vehicle in the loop testing with simultaneously running many tests.

CAN Runtime Package

Needed to execute tests via CAN bus.

CANape Support Package​

Needed to measure and calibrate control units via TPT with CANape.​

CANoe Runtime Package

Needed to run SiL and HiL tests in CANoe.

Concurrent iHawk Runtime Package

Needed to run tests on iHawk HiL systems from Concurrent Real-Time within simultaneous real-time tests.

TPT Dashboard Package​

HMI visualization with real-time interactive graphical displays and possibilities of intervention. The Dashboard is suitable for manual testing.​​

dSPACE HiL Runtime Package

Needed to run tests on dSPACE HiL systems.

INCA Support Package

Needed to measure and calibrate control units via TPT with INCA.​

LABCAR Runtime Package​

Needed to run tests on ETAS HiL systems with LABCAR automation.​​

Lauterbach Runtime Package

Needed to use the Trace32 software by Lauterbach from within TPT.

MATLAB Runtime Package

Needed to generate the testframe and to execute tests of MATLAB/Simulink and TargetLink models to simply test the models or to verify them.

TPT Requirements Integration

Component to link test cases with test requirements. Test cases can be exported, imported, and synchronized with other requirements management tools like DOORS.

Silver Runtime Package​

Needed to run tests on Silver by Synpsys.

Simulink Realtime Runtime Package​

​Needed to run tests on Simulink Realtime HiL systems (former XPC Target).​

TASMO Package

Enables the automatic structural test case generation for MATLAB/Simulink and TargetLink models and also for C-code.​

UDE Runtime Package

Needed to run tests on debugger boards using UDE by PLS.

VeriStand Runtime Package

Needed to run tests on National Instruments VeriStand HiL systems.

ASAM XiL API Package

Run TPT  tests on systems that support ASAM XiL API.

codeBeamer ALM Package

Requirements and test management through direct interaction of codeBeamer ALM with TPT.


Exchange requirements and meta data. TPT can read and write ReqIF files (XML).

License types

Dongle license

A single dongle license allows a user who is in possession of the physical USB dongle to use the licensed products. The products may be installed on one or more stand-alone computers provided that the products are only accessible to and operated by one user at the same time. A dongle license includes software maintenance service for the first 12 months.​

Network license

A concurrent license allows to license products for concurrent usage by several users. The usage requires access to a license server. Pricing is determined by the maximum number of concurrent users at the same time. The license is granted via a network connection. The initial purchase price of a concurrent license includes software maintenance service for the first 12 months.​

Evaluation license

If you are new to TPT and want to try out TPT first before purchasing it, you can ask for a free evaluation license. During the period of this license, you will receive support.​

License duration

The period of both the dongle and the network license can be limited or unlimited in time.

Perpetual license

If you purchase a perpetual license, you can use TPT for an unlimited period of time.

The software maintenance that includes software updates and technical support is included in the first year after the purchase. After that period you must extend the license in order to receive further updates and support.

Leasing license (annual license)​

If you lease a license, you can use the licensed products for a period of 12 months.

Software maintenance, thus software updates and technical support, is included. When the license expires, you will no longer be able to work with the licensed products.

Software maintenance service

The software maintenance service includes new versions of the software during the maintenance period and technical support. Normally, the software maintenance period is limited to a maximum of one year after the purchasing of a license. After that period, the license can be extended for a fee.​

When you face problems in the handling of TPT, you can contact our technical support team via telephone or e-mail. You can also use our Support Center where you can see the progress of your inquiries and archive them.