Model-in-Loop Testing: Automatic Test Case Generation with TASMO

MiL Testing with TPT: Automatic Test Case Generation with TASMO

Generate test cases automagically

TPT is the ideal tool for automated testing of ECU software. In order to make MiL testing with TPT more efficient we have developed a particularly powerful tool for automated test case generation.

Obtaining test data for Model-in-Loop testing can be tedious. Unless you generate your test data automatically. Specifically for this purpose we have developed the tool for automatic test case generation we call TASMO.

Using TASMO saves enormous testing efforts. Once your test cases are generated you can run them over and over again. That’s all the magic, really.

Automation inspired by evolution

Take your model (e.g. a Simulink model) and generate your test cases automatically from it. All inputs are also automatically stimulated. In particular, TASMO searches for a set of test cases that is as small as possible and aims to reach higher code coverage. Essentially, TASMO recombines test cases and “mutates” them to reach a new set of test cases – a process inspired by evolution enabling the automated test case generation with TASMO.

Next to Simulink models, TASMO can also be used to generate test cases automatically based on c-code or C++. Therefore it is also suitable for testing c-code or C++ for SiL testing.

TASMO complements manual creation of test cases

TASMO is a highly reliable tool for automatic test case generation that helps increase your code coverage and saves you a lot of effort. Nonetheless, manually adding requirements-based test cases should always remain the basis of your testing endeavour.

On a different note, the automatically generated test cases are suitable for back-to-back testing and therefore maintain ISO 26262 compliance.

Feel free to browse through our Glossary of Test Terms in case you are looking for terminological explanations.