Sneak Peek TPT 16: Testing Simulink features for AUTOSAR Adaptive

TPT with Simulink for AUTOSAR Adaptive

With the upcoming release of TPT 16 features for testing AUTOSAR Adaptive in Simulink will be supported. As a result, the advantages of AUTOSAR Adaptive implementations are accessible to TPT users, as well.

Amongst other things, Simulink functions can be stubbed via TPT. The definition of external functions can directly be provided within TPT. Since AUTOSAR Adaptive methods in Simulink use this mechanism, their definition can be stubbed as well.

Furthermore, TPT now supports message signals in Simulink as well. These are used by AUTOSAR Adaptive components for basic communication.

Because of its independence of pre-defined signals, AUTOSAR Adaptive is predestined for interactive systems. ADAS testing, autonomous driving tests or testing of warning systems implemented in AUTOSAR Adaptive via Simulink are typical use cases and can be tested with TPT 16.

AUTOSAR Adaptive is a promising standard with the potential to be an established standard for embedded development in generations to come. In that regard, PikeTec’s early move to make such innovative tools/ implementations available for TPT is the next step towards the future of embedded automotive software.

More information on testing Simulink systems with TPT can be found here

Feel free to browse through our Glossary of Test Terms in case you are looking for terminological explanations.