Sneak Peek TPT 16: Testing with Simulink busses now supported

Hop on the Simulink BUS. TPT Supports Simulink models

On the road to efficient testing.

Increased user friendliness and readability make using TPT16 more efficient and more enjoyable. A few weeks prior to its official release, we are introducing one of the new features that come with TPT16.

Now, the TPT testing tool natively supports bus signals to be imported as structured data types from MATLAB/ Simulink. This enables yet another Simulink function to be applicable when running the testing tool. The functionality works not only for simple busses but also for arrays of busses, Enum signals and in hierarchies. The Simulink bus structures are now directly recognizable due to its hierarchical representation in TPT which adds to the intuitiveness of using TPT.

Moreover, this means that even complex signals can easily be represented. Handling signals, for example when going through Assesslets, is a lot clearer due to its tree structure. In other words, readability has increased a lot which allows for more straightforward testing using TPT16.

Learn more about testing Simulink models here.