equivalence class

Leveraging Equivalence Classes for Testing with TPT

Equivalence classes with TPT

Introduction In software testing, equivalence classes play a crucial role in efficiently validating the behavior of a system. These classes represent subsets of the possible value ranges of variables, such as inputs or outputs, where the system is expected to show similar behavior. By selecting representative values from these equivalence […]

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Testing Methods: Boundary Value Testing

testing boundary values with TPT

Boundary value testing is a subtype of equivalence class testing and a common testing method for creating test cases. Boundary value testing is a testing method facilitated by our testing tool TPT.

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Testing with equivalence classes

Test with equivalence classes using TPT.

Equivalence classes in the test case design are used to reasonably reduce the number of test cases. An equivalence class describes a value range. It is expected that that system under test reacts the same, no matter which value from that class you use as input. So it is common […]

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