sil testing

Skipping the Hardware with Virtual PiL Testing

Virtual PiL Testing with TPT

With Virtual PiL you can execute existing test cases for your models or your C/C++ code, also for any target architectures and, if desired, automatically compare them directly with previous test runs (MiL and SiL) in a back-to-back procedure.

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Worst Case Execution Time Indicator – Highlight of TPT 19

Worst Case Execution Time Indicator

Worst-case execution time early in the test process on the local host? Our new feature is one of the highlights of TPT 19 – a kind of early warning system for code changes. Or to determine relevant tests for measuring true WCET on target. Try it now and learn more about how you can save time in your testing project.

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Accelerate Testing: TPT with Simulink

MATLAB Accelerate TPT

Generated Code from Simulink/Targetlink models can directly be tested in TPT and then accelerate your testing significantly: It is 30% faster. Find out more about top 3 learnings from using generated Code in TPT.

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Testing with IPG CarMaker

CarMaker TPT 18

Testing with IPG CarMaker is fully supported with TPT18. Our incubation feature, first released in TPT 17, has received several updates. We have significantly optimized the interface. You can control, build and modify virtual test scenarios created in CarMaker from TPT.

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Tutorial: c-code function stubbing in TPT

c-code function stubbing in TPT

In this tutorial we show you how to test c-code and hightlight how to stub missing functions of your c-code in TPT. Learn how to improve your Software-in-Loop testing with TPT and watch the tutorial.

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