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TPT Autotester – All you have to do is drive


Piketec’s Autotester is developed to make your testing life a lot easier. During a test drive test signals of both the driver and the vehicle are observed and your pre-defined test cases are executed automatically.

It speaks for itself that the Autotester operates on its own, once started. Consequently, test drives can be done by one person alone, without a second person on the co-driver seat. When keeping physical distance is necessary, this is a very handy property.

Automating your test drive saves you an enormous amount of time. Because the TPT Autotester supports parallel testing, multiple test cases can be executed simultaneously. Furthermore, the Autotester will also assess the test cases for you. Really, all you have to do is drive.

Feel free to browse through our Glossary of Test Terms in case you are looking for terminological explanations.