Sneak Peek TPT 16: Manage TPT with codebeamer

TPT interaction with CodeBeamer

ALM tools facilitate large-scale testing projects considerably. Not only can you manage your requirements but you can also do your entire test management. By merging these with TPT you can easily oversee your test data from one central point. For TPT16 we have developed the compatibility with codebeamer.

Specifically, the implementation entails that TPT can interact directly with codebeamer and communicate any test case details you may want to manage. You can import requirements and test cases into TPT and export test results to codebeamer to do your test management.

Alternative ALM tools that are directly compatible with TPT are DOORS or POLARION. At any rate, should you need to access your test data differently, TPT can both import and export .xls and .csv files.

Feel free to browse through our Glossary of Test Terms in case you are looking for terminological explanations.