TPT 17 – Meet the New Version of the Testing Tool

TPT17 - Meet the new version fo the testing tool TPT

Today We Are Releasing TPT 17. Now Available for Download.

The latest version of our testing tool TPT is now released. TPT 17 comes with a multitude of new features for all users across the development process of embedded systems. Testing ECUs has become faster, easier and more straightforward so you can save valuable testing time. Better test with TPT!

Testing with Ease. Driving with Pleasure.

Watch the Release Video here:

Check out the release video of TPT17 and discover its many new features.

Highlights and More.

1. Dark Mode and New Look
Reduced icons, high DPI and the GUI can be switched to dark mode

2. MATLAB Toolbox for Simulink Model Testing
Control TPT directly from within Simulink

3. More API Automation and DevOps
Additional functions for automated testing via API

4. Use TPT in the Cloud
Cloud testing via Docker for higher scalability of computing power

5. Read and Write ReqIF
Seamless exchange of requirements and their corresponding meta data

6. Automatic Test Case Generation – Improved
Usability and performance improvements with fewer clicks and quicker reporting

7. Touch-Ups of Coverage with GCOV-R
Usability improvements to facilitate measuring all kinds of coverage

8. Full Support of ASCET-DEVELOPER
MiL testing with ASCET-DEVELOPER, replacing previous ASCET 6.x versions

9. Service Steps
More intuitive use of service calls

10. SiL-HiL testing via RT-LAB node
Connect TPT to RT-LAB, import interface and run tests on the model

11. Control CarMaker via TPT
Simulation of vehicles and objects in Carmaker can be controlled via TPT

12. Test with TPT via DiagRA-D
Connect to DiagRA-D during test execution to perform diagnostic requests

And many more

Try TPT 17 and stay in touch.

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