Cloud Testing with TPT – Introducing a Case Study with AGSOTEC



The automotive industry is undergoing a rapid transformation, driven by advancements in vehicle software. As this software continues to evolve, extensive testing becomes crucial to ensure the safety and quality of vehicles. However, executing tests can be computationally intensive and time-consuming. In response to this challenge, we collaborated with AGSOTEC to implement cloud-based testing and have detailed our experiences in this case study.

Why Test Software in the Cloud?

The conventional approach to testing automotive software often involves resource-intensive procedures, leading to prolonged development cycles. By transitioning testing processes to the cloud, we unlock a new level of scalability and flexibility. From our point of view this paradigm shift promises to enhance the efficiency of the entire development process by 20-30%.

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Status Quo and Practical Examples

To illustrate the advantages of cloud-based testing, we’ve collaborated with AGSOTEC to establish an exemplary test automation environment for automotive software development in the cloud. This initiative aims to address the following key points:

  • Technical Feasibility: How is cloud-based testing technically achievable? What tools and platforms are needed to set up a robust testing environment?
  • Challenges in Implementation: What obstacles did we encounter while transitioning testing procedures to the cloud? How were they overcome?
  • Evaluating Cloud Solution Costs: How do the operational costs of a cloud-based testing solution compare to traditional methods? What are the scalability effects, and how can costs be optimized?

Technical Aspects of Cloud Testing

This section provides detailed insights into the technical intricacies of cloud-based testing. We’ll explore the specific approach taken for two concrete use cases, shedding light on the methodologies employed to ensure seamless testing processes.

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Costs in Cloud Testing

Running tests in the cloud undoubtedly offers many advantages, but it’s crucial to assess the financial implications. Our in-depth analysis will cover various aspects, including initial setup costs, ongoing operational expenses, scaling with multiple instances and potential cost optimizations. By understanding the economic dimensions of cloud-based testing, automotive companies can make informed decisions about adopting this transformative approach.

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Drawing from our experiences, there are valuable insights, practical tips, and a comprehensive conclusion as well. We are sharing key takeaways, highlighting the benefits and considerations associated with cloud-based testing in the automotive industry.

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As the automotive landscape continues its digital evolution, embracing cloud-based testing represents a pivotal step forward. This new approach has the potential to greatly improve how we test automotive software, making it more efficient, scalable, and flexible.