Interview with Csongor Pokó

PikeTec Interview Ypsomed

Csongor Pokó is test manager at Ypsomed, a leading developer and manufacturer of injection and infusion systems. Hello Csongor, you work at Ypsomed. Can you tell me a little bit about your innovative product? We are currently working on the further development of our Smart Pilot Autoinjector AddOn. This supports […]

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Set up scenarios for SOTIF in TPT 

SOTIF - set up scenarios in TPT

Testing product safety according to SOTIF requires a clear understanding of safety scenarios. Discover testing safety functions, for example ADAS, in a simulation with TPT.

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Tutorial: c-code function stubbing in TPT

c-code function stubbing in TPT

In this tutorial we show you how to test c-code and hightlight how to stub missing functions of your c-code in TPT. Learn how to improve your Software-in-Loop testing with TPT and watch the tutorial.

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Tutorial: Back-to-back Testing AUTOSAR & Simulink

Back-to-back testing. AUTOSAR & Simulink with TPT

Back-to-back Testing with TPT is straightforward If you want to develop your system with Simulink and you want to it back-to-back with AUTOSAR Software Components (SWC), this tutorial is for you. Learn how to do back-to-back testing with the testing tool TPT. In a few simple steps we show you […]

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Tutorial: Simulink Model Testing with the TPT Toolbox

Simulink Model Testing with TPT using the TPT Toolbox

If you are using Simulink for MiL Testing with TPT you make your life simpler by using the TPT Toolbox. The TPT toolbox makes it easier to set up TPT projects for testing Simulink models. To illustrate this, we have created a short video tutorial.

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