Automatic Test Case Generation – When Does It Make Sense?

Many automotive clients express a desire for fully automatic test case generation. But why? Their wishes typically encompass: Scalability: With automatic test case generation, the quality assurance process can scale up rapidly. 100% Coverage: Achieving comprehensive test coverage without exhaustive effort.  Reduced Manpower: The need for fewer testers.  Maintenance Elimination: […]

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Automate the Test Automation: TPT API

Automation Maturity Model - TPT API

Do you want to increase your quality and accelerate your tests? Then continuous integration (CI), continuous testing (CT) or scalable test automation in the cloud could be a solution for you. Find out about API controlled automation.

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TPT Autotester vs TPT Dashboard

Autotester vs Dashbaord. TPT Testing Tool.

You can automate your driving test in numerous ways. Using TPT will save you time and money- and can be a lot of fun! But which TPT feature best corresponds to your testing requirements?

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TPT Autotester – All you have to do is drive

TPT Feature. The Autotester.

Piketec’s Autotester is developed to make your testing life a lot easier. During a test drive test signals of both the driver and the vehicle are observed and your pre-defined test cases are executed automatically. It speaks for itself that the Autotester operates on its own, once started. Consequently, test […]

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